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Class Case Management Agency 

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CLASS Case Management  Agency

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Case management services are provided to all individuals receiving services in the Community Living Assistance and Support Services (CLASS) program. Individuals must select a CMA with a valid provider agreement that has its base of operation physically located in the geographic catchment area specified in the contract and is the catchment area in which the individual lives. Individuals who receive services in the CLASS program may request to transfer to another CMA at any time.

As outlined in this section, the CMA is required to provide the following case management services on an ongoing basis:

assist the individual as necessary to maintain Medicaid eligibility;

conduct various tasks related to enrollment;

perform functions related to service planning;

monitor the provision of CLASS services;

protect the individual's rights;

intervene to assist individuals in crisis; and

coordinate the individual's CLASS services with non-CLASS services as necessary through the employment of person-centered planning techniques.

Class Case Management